Food Bank

At Piedmont Animal Rescue, we believe in providing free pet food to animals who are in dire need of it. Our pet food donation does not only help needful animals at our shelter, but animals anywhere who are in need of our assistance.

Any pet food donation that gets deposited at our center, or any transactions made online are responsibly and reliably utilized to cater to the noble cause. Many stray dogs and cats die painfully of malnutrition and hunger. And at Piedmont Animal Rescue, we strive to eliminate this unfortunate reality!

The food given and deposited at our center is checked and organized by the manufactured and expiry date to ensure health and safety of animals. The donations help us to resolve any food crisis in the area by sending over a decent amount of pet food for animals in need. Whether you’re handing over your pet, or a volunteer or simply an animal lover who believes in humanity and animal rights, you can always donate by sending in food or any sum of money online or physically at our centers.

Our team will responsibly and purposefully take on the donations to help eliminate hunger and malnutrition by providing free pet food through your valuable donations.

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