Sponsor a Rescue Pet

  Heartworm Test

Sponsor a Heartworm Test.  Heartworms are spread my mosquitos and is deadly to dogs. 


Sponsor a Dog/Cat's Vaccines.
Helps keep your your pets healthy from deadly diseases such as Distemper or Parvo.

  FeLV/FIV Test

Sponsor a FeLV/FIV Test.
Lethal disease found in Cats that must be tested for due to it being Highly Contagious.


Sponsor a Microchip.
Helps rescues, shelter and vets reunite lost pets with their owners.

Heartworm Pill

​Sponsor a Heartworm Pill.
The Heartworm Pill is a preventative to keep your dog from getting the disease.

Flea/Tick Medication

​Sponsor Flea/Tick Medication.
Fleas can cause dogs to get worms and skin issues.  Ticks cause Lyme Disease.


​Sponsor the Deworming.
Gets rid of intestional worms in pets that can cause low blood volume and death.

Physical Exam

Sponsor an Exam.

Fecal Exam

​Sponsor a Fecal Exam.
​Fecal exams are necessary to determine the types of intestional worms present.


​Sponsor a Spay.
Helps to control the pet population and prevent overpopulation with Females.


Sponsor a Neuter.
​Help control the pet population and prevents overpopulation with male animals.

Feed a Pet for a Day

Sponsor Food for A Day!

Feed A Pet For A Week

​Sponsor Food for a Week 

Feed A Pet For A Month

​Sponsor Food for A Month

Feed A Pet For A Year

​Sponsor Food for A Year


Piedmont Animal Rescue (PAR) Sponsorship Packages

Thank you for considering sponsorship of (PAR) and The Racing for Rescues 5k.   We have several different levels of sponsorships available. If you wish to help but, don’t see a package you like contact us and we will work something out. With all of the plans you can pay half with a donation and the other half would be for products or services rendered during 2017.  An example would be the top level Great Pyrenees ($10,000) make a check in the amount of $5,000 and then providing $5,000 in vet services during 2017. Please choose the best package for you. All sponsors will be added to a banner that will be displayed at all events.
   Great Pyrenees ($10,000)

Title Sponsor of all PAR Events (Presented By)
●Name and Logo on front of 5k shirt
●Sponsorship of Adoption Fairs
●Name Listed on all Promotional Materials for PAR and the 5k
●Name and link on Website of PAR for the remainder of 2017
●Honorary Starter at 5k and MC of the event
●Place materials at all PAR Events (no restriction on size)
●Place Material in runner’s Bags for 5k
   Saint Bernard ($5000)

●Logo listed on back of the shirt (Medium Logo size)
●Sponsorship of all PAR Events
●Name and Logo listed on all promotional material for 5K
●Logo and link on PAR Website for the remainder of 2017
●Place material in runner's bag
●20 X 20 Spot to place material at all PAR Events
   Golden Retriever ($2500)

●Logo listed on back of 5k shirt (Small Logo)
●Name and logo on promotional materials for 5k
●Logo and link on PAR web for the remainder of 2017
●Material in runner’s bags
●10 X 10 space to advertise at 5k

Maltese ($1000)

Logo and link on PAR Website for the remainder of 2017
●Material in runner's bag
●10 X 10 space to advertise at 5k
●Name recognition at events
Calico ($500)

●Logo and link on PAR Website for the remainder of 2017
●Name recognition at events