Sponsor a Rescue Pet

  Heartworm Test

Sponsor a Heartworm Test.  Heartworms are spread my mosquitos and is deadly to dogs. 


Sponsor a Dog/Cat's Vaccines.
Helps keep your your pets healthy from deadly diseases such as Distemper or Parvo.

  FeLV/FIV Test

Sponsor a FeLV/FIV Test.
Lethal disease found in Cats that must be tested for due to it being Highly Contagious.


Sponsor a Microchip.
Helps rescues, shelter and vets reunite lost pets with their owners.

Heartworm Pill

​Sponsor a Heartworm Pill.
The Heartworm Pill is a preventative to keep your dog from getting the disease.

Flea/Tick Medication

​Sponsor Flea/Tick Medication.
Fleas can cause dogs to get worms and skin issues.  Ticks cause Lyme Disease.


​Sponsor the Deworming.
Gets rid of intestional worms in pets that can cause low blood volume and death.

Physical Exam

Sponsor an Exam.

Fecal Exam

​Sponsor a Fecal Exam.
​Fecal exams are necessary to determine the types of intestional worms present.


​Sponsor a Spay.
Helps to control the pet population and prevent overpopulation with Females.


Sponsor a Neuter.
​Help control the pet population and prevents overpopulation with male animals.

Feed a Pet for a Day

Sponsor Food for A Day!

Feed A Pet For A Week

​Sponsor Food for a Week 

Feed A Pet For A Month

​Sponsor Food for A Month

Feed A Pet For A Year

​Sponsor Food for A Year